Help us to complete this Gallery of Bridges

Search photographs of important bridges in China or take your own photograph of a bridge near your town.

State its name and location and send it to the e mail given by your facilitator.

Build a home-made rain gauge to measure rainfall for one week.

Compare the results with your peers. 

Remember that a rain gauge is just a container that collects rainfall on a particular surface during a given time interval.

Watch this video and find out what is the physical basis ruling the different effects on the water jet

Pay special attention to the third effect how do you explain it?

Watch video

Try putting other materials (wood, a piece of an apple, cardboard, plastic, a stone, whatever comes to mind ...) On a tray with one cm of tinted water.

Check which one moistens above water level. Can you explain the reason why?

Make an apple float in a glass of water by adding salt water

Measure the tap water flow in your home with a timer and a graduated glass.

Then try to measure your daily use and compare it with that of your classmates.

You will need a graduated container or scale to weight water.

Measure the minimum amount of salt your are able to detect in water.

If you do this experiment with others, you can do a "blind tasting" and measure the detection threshold of each one of you as if you were laboratory instruments.

The human body is extremely sensitive to certain environmental variables. We can detect some odours and flavours in very low concentrations. You can start pouring 0.1 g of salt in 10 litres of water. Can you detect the salt? Test now 0.1 g in 1 litter. Not yet?

Propose your own experiment

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