Watch this video and find out what is the physical basis ruling the different effects on the water jet

Pay special attention to the third effect how do you explain it?

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A single river in the ocean

Although geographers recognise five oceans, the oceans all form a single body of water that sustains a huge complex current system as if it were a giant conveyor belt. This thermohaline circulation compensates and balances differences in the temperature and salinity of water in the various oceans, and is of decisive importance in regulating the Earth's climate, so many scientists investigate the relationships between climate change and the mechanisms that regulate this large circulation conveyor system.

The thermohaline circulation is about 110,000 km in length and takes 1,600 years to complete one full cycle, so its average speed is only eight metres per hour, about 2,2 centimetres per second. Since it is very difficult to measure such slow speeds with meters of currents, scientists measure the changes in water salinity and temperature to detect the movement of thiscurrent.

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